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Repository (R6)
2 Vol. 4. Source (S83)
3 "dwelling house, barn and croft of land" from father CHRISTIAN, Steven (I145)
4 "The undermentioned Cadets from 161st, 162nd, 164th, 165th and 175th OCTUs to be 2nd Lts, 21st Sept 1940" - JS listed under The Queen's Regiment (149167) SLOWMAN, John Barrington (I225)
5 'Susan' in some records WOODS, Susanna (I519)
6 MARSHALL, Elizabeth (I67)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I926)
8 1841 Census: there are three Amelia/Amy Marshalls in Brighton. Without precise ages, it is impossible to identify the right one. SEALEY, Amelia (I202)
9 1841 HO/107/1071 (Downside, Cobham) 1851 HO/107/1592, fol.628, p.20 (Fin Row, Cobham) [BISHOP], Sarah (I216)
10 1851 census: HO 107/1636 fol. 24 Philly Christian (75), widow, pauper, born Bexhill SAVAGE, Philadelphia (I480)
11 1851 census: HO107/1638/385/23
1861 census: possibly RG9/568/130/6
Death: probably Jun 1899 Hailsham 2b 62, age 73 
KING, William (I16)
12 1851 census: possibly CM, age 33, house builder, 57 Marine Parade Brighton
1871 census: probbaly the Charles Marshall, 52, brewer, in RG10/1073/82/25, Lancaster Ho. 
MARSHALL, Charles (I468)
13 1851 Census: probably the Stephen Christian, age 60, born Bexhill, farmer of 100 acres, at Telham Farm, Batle (Ho107/1638 fol. 26). Wife Elizabeth, 47 born Essex, Burntwood. CHRISTIAN, Stephen (I21)
14 1851 census: This could be the Helen Christian, age 18, born Bexhill, servant at 17 Wellington Sq, Hastings. (HO107/1635 fol 422) CHRISTIAN, Harriet Ellen (I961)
15 1851: Butler to Swedish/Norwegian Ambassador at 14 Halkin St.West, Belgravia.

HO 107/1477/f.99/p/27 gives birthplace as "on the sea"
RG 11/99/f.75/p/9 gives birthplace as "America (BritishSubject")
MANNING, Francis (I192)
16 1861: RG9/569 fol.128 living in Warbleton, Sussex, age 22 ANDERSON, Eliza (I570)
17 1861: RG9/569 fol.128 living in Warbleton, Sussex, age 33 KING, Charles Samuel (I15)
18 1871 census: Possibly at 9 Henry St Chelsea, RG10/90/79/77 MARSHALL, Alfred (I465)
19 1881 Census: There is an Emma Bates, age 29, born Bexhill, Sussex, wife of Henry Bates living in Ore, Sussex (RG11/1021 fol. 25p.10). CHRISTIAN, Elizabeth Emma (I976)
20 1901 census: possibly Jane M Woodhams, age 14, born Effingham at RG13; Piece: 600; Folio: 45; Page: 12 (servant in household of George Ward, Ripley, Surrey) WOODHAMS, Minnie Jane (I1671)
21 1901 Census: probably Helen Farley in Epsom (RG13; Piece: 583; Folio: 14; Page: 20) FARLEY, Beatrice Helen (I1784)
22 1911 census:
Sidney Arthur Shoesmith, Head, Married, Male, 26, 1885, Sussex St Leonards on Sea, Tinsmith Repairer Co living at 35a Vera Road Fulham
is the only likely candidate
married under 1 year to Alice Florence
Marr: Alice Florence Adams, Q2 1910 hastings 
SHOESMITH, Sydney (I2356)
23 1911 census: RG14PN4864 RG78PN210 RD72 SD1 ED7 SN23 PARRET, Hannah (I2033)
24 1939 Register: Walter is not with wife and children - and not found elsewhere BEALE, Walter Henry (I267)
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F608
26 27 Denyer St (Birth); 45 Rosebury Rd, Fulham (after marriage), later moved to Putney.
Administration 26 Jan 1959 (Calendar on Ancestry) 
CHRISTIAN, Rose Elizabeth (I116)
27 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I785)
28 4 or 5 children, at least 2 boys and 2 girls CRAIG, Eliza Jane (I220)
29 6 Thompson-Christian chidlren born in Chertsey 1913-1922, possible chidlren of this couple Family F398
30 8 children, names not known. Family F95
31 A very rough estimate - this would make him same age as wife. BISHOP, Joseph (I215)
32 about 1 year old MCMILLAN, Ernest (I56)
33 Accessed 21/9/2013 Source (S193)
34 According to Alice McMillan he was killed in the war. There are two Robert Kings of the right age in the GROS death indexes, both killed in 1917, but impossible to tell which is the right one from the index alone. KING, Robert (I53)
35 According to Alice McMillan, he was either was shot in America, or killed in war KING, James (I52)
36 According to Doris Christian (niece), 'Young Charlie' became a tea merchant and subsequently kept intouch.
KIMBER, Charles Stanley (I371)
37 According to Doris Wills (nee Christian) George changed his name, and had three daughters, Nora, Helen and Alice. CHRISTIAN, George Henry (I137)
38 According to Mattie and Betty he married whn he was about 50 and had no children CRAIG, James (I213)
39 According to Mattie and Betty she married late in life and had no children, dying not long after getting married KING, Alice Charlotte (I244)
40 According to Winifred Marshall (niece) Harry was a Policeman in Whitechapel and lived in a Police house there, where she used to visit as a child. Part of his beat was a street-market, perhaps Petticoat Lane. He had a wife who was a drinker and died while Winnie was still a child; a son Harry who became a teacher; a daughter who lived with Winnie's mother for a while after the mother died, and eventually died after having an illegitimate baby; at least one other child. Later Harry married again, thistime to a relative of Winnie's mother a spinster Aunt Alice(Bishop?). MARSHALL, Harry (I189)
41 According to Winifred Marshall (niece, he was Uncle Bill), he became skipper of a trawler in Grimsby (she used to visit),where he had a small fisherman's cottage near the docks; worked on minesweepers in WW1. He had a son William, about Winnie's age, who went into the Merchant Navy, and two daughters who married naval officers. Winnie last saw him in 1923 and he was not then married.

MARSHALL, William Charles
108 Humberstone Road
S.A. 205 2ndHd. R.N.R.T. HMS Walleroo
Absent Voters in Grimsby & Cleethorpes in 1919 
MARSHALL, William Charles (I2)
42 According to Winifred Marshall, he was an only child KIMBER, Charles Stanley (I371)
43 Accoriding to Doris Christian, he worked as paper hanger for Clay & Catton's in Chelsea. MANNING, Frederick Francis Henry (I375)
44 Addresses: 21 Parker St, W'minster (1889), 10 Effingham St, Pimlico(1909). CHRISTIAN, Samuel Godfrey (I136)
45 Administration VIDLER, Dorothy Florence (I2323)
46 Adopted by a family called Bunn after father's death. Grew up in Loose, Kent, nr Maidstone. Almost certainly his adoptive mother Ann Bunn is Francis's mother's sister, Ann King. Samuel Bunn is from Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, which probably explains later residence in the county.

Joined Merchant Navy 27th May 1850, as apprentice aboard "JohnWickliffe".
28th April 1853, apprenticeship cancelled
Joined Royal Navy 13th Jan 1854 as Master's Assistant, rose to Navigating Lieutenant
Court martialed July 31st 1867 for role in loss of HMS Osprey -loss of 2 years seniority
Court martialed 27th Aug 1868 for role in grounding of HMS Eclipse - dismissed from his ship.
Retired 1870

Seamen's Ticket: 477799 - PRO BT 113/239
Passing certificate (2nd Master): PRO ADM 13/73
Full Pay ledgers: PRO ADM 24/21, 24/145, 24/146.
FBC's log as Nav.Lt on Osprey: PRO ADM 54/217
Courts Martial: PRO ADM 1/6043 (Osprey), PRO ADM 12/811, 28.3(Eclipse)
The Times, London, 29th August 1868, p. 5, col 6. (Eclipse)

Check further entries for his ship in the Navy index 
CHRISTIAN, Francis Blueman (I354)
47 After birth of youngest child PHILPOT, Alice (I308)
48 After the couple had died, the children went to live with their grandparents, as is shown in the 1901 census. Family F378
49 Age 37 Source (S149)
50 Age 47 in 1851 census, but consent required for marriage 15 Aug 1824, i.e. born after 15 Aug 1803 WIMBORN, Sophia (I889)

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