West Horsley, Surrey


Tree: Christians of Pevensey
Latitude: 51.26667, Longitude: -0.45


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Frances Alice  Cal May 1890West Horsley, Surrey I1631
2 Clarke, Ada  1871West Horsley, Surrey I1563
3 Clarke, Albert  Cal 1882West Horsley, Surrey I1608
4 Clarke, Anna  1865West Horsley, Surrey I1560
5 Clarke, Bernard Maurice  1891West Horsley, Surrey I1654
6 Clarke, Charles  Cal 1839West Horsley, Surrey I586
7 Clarke, Charles  1869West Horsley, Surrey I1562
8 Clarke, Constance Eugenia  1897West Horsley, Surrey I1657
9 Clarke, Edward George  1861West Horsley, Surrey I1558
10 Clarke, Elizabeth  Cal 1874West Horsley, Surrey I1565
11 Clarke, Elsie Minnie D  Cal 1892West Horsley, Surrey I1655
12 Clarke, Emily Kate  1863West Horsley, Surrey I1559
13 Clarke, Ethel  Cal 1888West Horsley, Surrey I1653
14 Clarke, Frank  Cal 1884West Horsley, Surrey I1609
15 Clarke, James  1873West Horsley, Surrey I1564
16 Clarke, Jane  1867West Horsley, Surrey I1561
17 Clarke, Miriam Elizabeth  Cal 1894West Horsley, Surrey I1656
18 Clarke, Ralph Allen  1877West Horsley, Surrey I1566
19 Clarke, Ralph Remington  1902West Horsley, Surrey I2108
20 Clarke, Rosie Mildred  1904West Horsley, Surrey I2109
21 Clarke, Roy Cranley  1899West Horsley, Surrey I1658
22 Clarke, William J  Cal 1879West Horsley, Surrey I1567
23 Hyde, Albert E  Cal 1887West Horsley, Surrey I1652
24 Simmond, Sarah  Cal 1812West Horsley, Surrey I588
25 Woodhams, Ada  Abt 1899West Horsley, Surrey I2144
26 Woodhams, Albert  1873West Horsley, Surrey I1602
27 Woodhams, Albert Edwin  Cal 1897West Horsley, Surrey I1716
28 Woodhams, Arthur  Cal 1903West Horsley, Surrey I2207
29 Woodhams, Ben  1874West Horsley, Surrey I1605
30 Woodhams, Benjamin  1845West Horsley, Surrey I1262
31 Woodhams, Bessie  1905West Horsley, Surrey I2205
32 Woodhams, Charles  1856West Horsley, Surrey I1264
33 Woodhams, Charles  Abt 1902West Horsley, Surrey I2145
34 Woodhams, David  1848West Horsley, Surrey I1263
35 Woodhams, David  Abt 1904West Horsley, Surrey I2146
36 Woodhams, Edwin  1874West Horsley, Surrey I1594
37 Woodhams, Elizabeth  Abt 1844West Horsley, Surrey I1271
38 Woodhams, Elizabeth  1853West Horsley, Surrey I1588
39 Woodhams, Ellen  1859West Horsley, Surrey I1590
40 Woodhams, Ellen  27 Feb 1883West Horsley, Surrey I1597
41 Woodhams, Emmeline  1855West Horsley, Surrey I1249
42 Woodhams, Esther  1879West Horsley, Surrey I1606
43 Woodhams, Frederick  Cal 1846West Horsley, Surrey I378
44 Woodhams, Frederick  1857West Horsley, Surrey I1589
45 Woodhams, Hannah  1851West Horsley, Surrey I1257
46 Woodhams, Harry  1871West Horsley, Surrey I1593
47 Woodhams, Harry  1872West Horsley, Surrey I1604
48 Woodhams, Henry  1838West Horsley, Surrey I1260
49 Woodhams, Henry  1844West Horsley, Surrey I1254
50 Woodhams, Henry  1858West Horsley, Surrey I1250

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bishop, William  4 Nov 1899West Horsley, Surrey I211
2 Jeffery, Charlotte  2 Nov 1843West Horsley, Surrey I220
3 Woodhams, Ben  1955West Horsley, Surrey I1605


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bullen, James  2 Mar 1823West Horsley, Surrey I587
2 Bullen, James  19 May 1825West Horsley, Surrey I391
3 Ede, Mary  3 Feb 1869West Horsley, Surrey I218
4 Jeffery, Charlotte  9 Nov 1843West Horsley, Surrey I220
5 Woodham, John  28 Sep 1826West Horsley, Surrey I219
6 Woodham, John  17 Feb 1883West Horsley, Surrey I398
7 Woodhams, Hannah  6 Mar 1866West Horsley, Surrey I1257
8 Woodhams, James  22 Apr 1865West Horsley, Surrey I1253
9 Woodhams, John  22 Oct 1858West Horsley, Surrey I1259
10 Woodhams, Louisa  16 Nov 1847West Horsley, Surrey I1591
11 Woodhams, William  17 Jun 1851West Horsley, Surrey I385
12 [Woodham], Hester  19 May 1883West Horsley, Surrey I1258


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bishop, William  1871West Horsley, Surrey I211
2 Bishop, William  1881West Horsley, Surrey I211
3 Bishop, William  1891West Horsley, Surrey I211
4 Bishop, William James  1881West Horsley, Surrey I1626
5 Blackman, Kate Ellen  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1714
6 Burrows, Mary Ann  1851West Horsley, Surrey I589
7 Burrows, Mary Ann  1891West Horsley, Surrey I589
8 Clarke, Bernard Maurice  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1654
9 Clarke, Constance Eugenia  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1657
10 Clarke, Edward George  1891West Horsley, Surrey I1558
11 Clarke, Edward George  1901West Horsley, Surrey I1558
12 Clarke, Edward George  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1558
13 Clarke, Miriam Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1656
14 Clarke, Ralph Remington  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I2108
15 Clarke, Rosie Mildred  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I2109
16 Clarke, Roy Cranley  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1658
17 Edwards, Ada  31 Mar 1901West Horsley, Surrey I1898
18 Hyde, Rose Emma  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1651
19 Jeffery, Charlotte  1841West Horsley, Surrey I220
20 May, Samuel  1881West Horsley, Surrey I1746
21 Woodham, George  1861West Horsley, Surrey I393
22 Woodham, George  1871West Horsley, Surrey I393
23 Woodham, George  1881West Horsley, Surrey I393
24 Woodham, George  1891West Horsley, Surrey I393
25 Woodham, James  1851West Horsley, Surrey I396
26 Woodham, James  1861West Horsley, Surrey I396
27 Woodham, James  1871West Horsley, Surrey I396
28 Woodham, John  1851West Horsley, Surrey I398
29 Woodham, John  1861West Horsley, Surrey I398
30 Woodham, John  1871West Horsley, Surrey I398
31 Woodham, John  1881West Horsley, Surrey I398
32 Woodham, Richard  1851West Horsley, Surrey I394
33 Woodham, Richard  1871West Horsley, Surrey I394
34 Woodham, Thomas  1851West Horsley, Surrey I395
35 Woodham, Thomas  1861West Horsley, Surrey I395
36 Woodham, William  1841West Horsley, Surrey I217
37 Woodham, William  1851West Horsley, Surrey I217
38 Woodham, William  1861West Horsley, Surrey I217
39 Woodham, William  1871West Horsley, Surrey I217
40 Woodhams, Ada  31 Mar 1901West Horsley, Surrey I2144
41 Woodhams, Albert  1901West Horsley, Surrey I1602
42 Woodhams, Albert Edwin  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1716
43 Woodhams, Arthur  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I2207
44 Woodhams, Benjamin  1881West Horsley, Surrey I1262
45 Woodhams, David  31 Mar 1901West Horsley, Surrey I1263
46 Woodhams, Edwin  1901West Horsley, Surrey I1594
47 Woodhams, Edwin  2 Apr 1911West Horsley, Surrey I1594
48 Woodhams, Eliza  1861West Horsley, Surrey I381
49 Woodhams, Eliza  1871West Horsley, Surrey I381
50 Woodhams, Eliza  1881West Horsley, Surrey I381

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _ATTR    Person ID 
1 Woodhams, Frederick  1851West Horsley, Surrey I378


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clarke / Woodhams  25 Dec 1860West Horsley, Surrey F169
2 Hersey / Woodhams  22 Nov 1856West Horsley, Surrey F170
3 Holden / Woodhams  3 Jul 1865West Horsley, Surrey F446
4 Woodham / Burrows  1 Jul 1844West Horsley, Surrey F173
5 Woodham / Ede  4 Jun 1827West Horsley, Surrey F119
6 Woodham / Simmond  22 Jul 1835West Horsley, Surrey F174
7 Woodhams / Gaines  8 Apr 1871West Horsley, Surrey F444
8 Woodhams / Hyde  14 May 1870West Horsley, Surrey F443
9 Woodhams / Landsell  30 Jan 1872West Horsley, Surrey F445