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601 This is the only Sarah C. of Pevensey available for this marriage. Christian, Sara (I311)
602 This marriage is assumed to be the correct one for Matilda because Matilda long, age 26, born Bexhill is the wife of a Wm Long in the 1881 census index. (RG11/1068/61/2) Family F324
603 This may be the Mary Christian who was buried 5th Jan 1823, Pevensey, aged 78, i.e. born c. 1745. Whenham, Mary (I500)
604 Thought to have had one son, one daughter, names not known. Family F85
605 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I847)
606 Twin Christian, Albert (I1024)
607 Twin Christian, Jesse (I1025)
608 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2235)
609 Two possible birth records: Jun 1872 Guildord 2a 59 & Dec 1872 Guildford 2a 56 Woodhams, Harry (I1604)
610 Two possible biths: Levinia Hebberd Mar 1849 Lymington 8 206; : Levinia Frampton Jun 1849 Lymington 8 197 Hayes, Lavinia (I1574)
611 Two possible death entries before between 1907 and Albert's 2nd marriage:
1) Clara A Christian, d. of Alfred and Mary 1908, Katoomba.
2) Clara Christian, d. of Henry and Mary A, 1910, Katoomba.
A Clara Wood, d. of Henry & Mary is born 1869, Macleay River (12825/1869) 
Wood, Clara (I693)
612 typescript made from original notes Source (S21)
613 Unknown father of Charles King alias Winder King, ??? (I18)
614 Unmarried in 1881 census Manning, Edward J (I367)
615 Unverified and unsourced user submissions, not checked against original records. Source (S23)
616 Vaughan Dollar has her name as BARKER. Barber, Matilda Jane (I1311)
617 Vaughan Dollar: "I normally write {his name} as John Clegg Clegg as his parents weren’t married and mother Mary Alford gave him a middle name of Clegg . Clegg, John Clegg (I779)
618 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I60)
619 widow Vitler, Edith (I1824)
620 Widow at marriage, maiden name not known [Duggin], Mary (I512)
621 wife Source (S76)
622 Wife is widow in 1881 census Holden, George Henry (I1607)
623 WILL: messuage, barn and land in Horsey left to "kinsman" John;to cousins Thomas, William, Samuel, Elizabeth & Sarah 1; towife, annuity of 6 p.a.

WILL: proved Lewes 1707 (but no burial record). identifiable at John son of Thomas & Feare, as he leaves something to thechildren of Thomas & Elizabeth Wood, his nephews & nieces.
Since he doesn't provide for his sisters in will, they are presumably dead or married by 1707. Likewise we can assume thatJohn had no surviving children.

MARR: The Brightling marriage entry says "John C. of Pevensey", sot here's no reason to doubt it's this John. 
Christian, John (I322)
624 WILL: written 1788, proved 19th July 1791. Messuage tenement & garden to wife & then to son Charles
remainder divided between children John, Charles, Ann &Elizabeth. Ref: W/A66 
Christian, William (I68)
625 Winnie thought Ernest was the first son, but if so he must have died before the 1891 cenus and there doesn't seem to be time for him to have been born between Alice and Frederick. More likely he is the Ernest Edward whose birth is registered June 1892 St Geo Han Sq 1a 433 and whos death is registered Mar 1893 St Geo Han Sq 1a 348 Marshall, Ernest Edward (I128)
626 Woodhams in 1851 census Woodham, James (I396)
627 Younger brother Stephen is under 23 at father's death in 1615 and John by implication over 23, i.e.born before Aug 1592. Probably born in Sussex, but possibly in Kent. Christian, John (I160)
628 ~ committed suicide Christian, Irene (I662)

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