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51 According to Winifred Marshall, he was an only child Kimber, Charles Stanley (I371)
52 Addresses: 21 Parker St, W'minster (1889), 10 Effingham St, Pimlico(1909). Christian, Samuel Godfrey (I136)
53 Adopted by a family called Bunn after father's death. Grew up in Loose, Kent, nr Maidstone. Almost certainly his adoptive mother Ann Bunn is Francis's mother's sister, Ann King. Samuel Bunn is from Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, which probably explains later residence in the county.

Joined Merchant Navy 27th May 1850, as apprentice aboard "JohnWickliffe".
28th April 1853, apprenticeship cancelled
Joined Royal Navy 13th Jan 1854 as Master's Assistant, rose to Navigating Lieutenant
Court martialed July 31st 1867 for role in loss of HMS Osprey -loss of 2 years seniority
Court martialed 27th Aug 1868 for role in grounding of HMS Eclipse - dismissed from his ship.
Retired 1870

Seamen's Ticket: 477799 - PRO BT 113/239
Passing certificate (2nd Master): PRO ADM 13/73
Full Pay ledgers: PRO ADM 24/21, 24/145, 24/146.
FBC's log as Nav.Lt on Osprey: PRO ADM 54/217
Courts Martial: PRO ADM 1/6043 (Osprey), PRO ADM 12/811, 28.3(Eclipse)
The Times, London, 29th August 1868, p. 5, col 6. (Eclipse)

Check further entries for his ship in the Navy index 
Christian, Francis Blueman (I354)
54 After birth of youngest child Philpot, Alice (I308)
55 After the couple had died, the children went to live with their grandparents, as is shown in the 1901 census. Family F378
56 Age 37 Source (S149)
57 Age 47 in 1851 census, but consent required for marriage 15 Aug 1824, i.e. born after 15 Aug 1803 Wimborn, Sophia (I889)
58 age 56 Linton, Hester Dorothea (I121)
59 age 63 McCurry, Daniel (I120)
60 age 69 Peoples, Jane (I130)
61 Age 73 [bryant], Betsey (I210)
62 age 76 McCurry, James (I124)
63 age 77 Zebedee, Samuel (I460)
64 Age 80 at burial.
There is another Eliz. Collyer bapt in Pyrford 17th Sept 1750,d. James, who does not match the age at death so closely, andwould almost certainly be under age at marriage.
Mother's name not in index, but in IGI 
Collyer, Elizabeth (I418)
65 age 86 McCurry, Daniel (I38)
66 Age 9 months in 1841 census Bishop, James (I1584)
67 age 95 McCurry, Mary (I40)
68 Age at burial given as 66 Mitten, Elizabeth (I28)
69 Age at death 18 Woodhams, William (I385)
70 Age given as 60 in 1841 census, 75 in 1851. Both give Middlessex as birthplace.
[bishop], Sarah (I216)
71 Age given as 67 Zebedee, John (I457)
72 Alive & single in April 1788 (father's will) Christian, Ann (I33)
73 Alive & single in April 1788 (father's will) Christian, Elizabeth (I34)
74 All other Horscraft/Horscrafts in the IGI are in Sussex Horscraft, Elizabeth (I580)
75 Almost certainly Sarah Marriott m. William Gray Bland, Mar 1873 Lewisham 1d 918. All the other William Bland marriages 1871-1875 are in the North. [Bland], Sarah (I2177)
76 Also in IGI Source (S147)
77 An Alexander C Johnston is born 1866, Port Macquarie, son of George & Eliza. He dies in 1926 in Hurstville, not 1929. There is no matching 1929 death in NSW. Johnston, Alexander Cunningham (I695)
78 Andrew almost certainly had other sons: John, whose death is registered in 1880, age 40, with residence Killywool and informant Joseph Hood; Andrew, died 1880, age 62, informant John King. John was a bachelor, Andrew widower. Hood, Andrew (I359)
79 Andrew's wife may well have been the Nancy Hood who died, age 75, at Killywool on 28th Feb 1880 Hood, Andrew (I359)
80 Ann Gratwick has an extensive tree of David's descendants via duaghter Sarah on Genes Reunited at Cutt, David (I1288)
81 Ann is referred to in Admons for Thomas. There is only oneThomas + Ann marriage in this period. Wickerson, Ann (I558)
82 Another possible son is James, died 1899 at Dunlade (Killywool), age 70 9i.e. born c. 1829), informat Martha King, sister - bachelor, gold digger. Hood, Andrew (I359)
83 Appt Minute 11212 Source (S40)
84 Assumed from father's will, in which he is under 21. He could be the son of Martin's second wife rather than of his first. Christian, Steven (I145)
85 Bapt recorded in both Westham & Pevensey registers Christian, Charles (I35)
86 Bapt. entry says "about thirty years old" Pallington, Martha (I186)
87 Baptism: not in the SFHG's Data Archive or in PDC's transcript of the Bexhill register. Could be in the BT perhaps - seems to rpecise for the Ancestral File submitter (apitts3288744) to have made it up. Christian, Stephen (I54)
88 Birth : Elsie Violet Hinton, Jun 1892 Wandsworth 1d 585 is the only plausible GRO index entry Hinton, Elsie G (I1726)
89 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2368)
90 Birth probably Jun 1868 Andover 2c 204 Collins, William (I1771)
91 Birth probably Jun 1870 Newmarket 3b 549 Brown, Alfred Leonard (I1777)
92 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2170)
93 Birth: probably Edward John Manning GRO Jun 1848 St George Han Sq 1 3 Manning, Edward J (I367)
94 Birth: probably Albert Ernest Manning Mar 1872 StGeoHanSq 1a 376 Manning, Albert E (I563)
95 Birth: probably Alice Elizabeth Manning Jun 1868 StGeoHanSq 1a 311 Manning, Alice (I562)
96 Birth: probably Arthur Manning Mar 1874 StGeoHanSq 1a 379
Possibly Arthur Manning, b. Pimlico, age 25 in 1901 census at RG13/370 fol 40 p 20 
Manning, Arthur (I565)
97 Birth: probably Edith Mabel Bishop, Mar 1892 Steyning 2b 283 Bishop, Edith M (I1632)
98 Birth: probably Ernest Frederick J Bishop, Mar 1899 Steyning 2b 275 Bishop, Ernest (I1633)
99 Birth: probably Etherl Alice Rushworth,, GRO births Mar 1888 Wandsworth 1d 752 Rushworth, Ethel A (I2076)
100 Birth: Probably Franics John Christian Mar 1886 Marylebone 1a 566 Christian, Francis (I742)

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