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301 None of family found in censuses after 1881 Woodhams, Edward (I379)
302 Not at home with family for 1901 census, but not found elsewhere. Christian, Austin W (I1345)
303 Not born Preston 1787-, Hove 1538-
RESIDENCE: Preston (at marr.), St James St, Brighton(1815,1817,1819), Essex St (1821,1822,1824,1826). 
Marshall, John (I201)
304 Not checked against original records Source (S123)
305 Not found in 1851 census Woodham, Ann (I1587)
306 Not found in 1861 census
Not found in 1881 census 
Woodhams, William (I1267)
307 Not found in 1861 census.
Not found in 1891 census 
Woodhams, James (I1266)
308 Not found in 1861-1881 censuses Woodhams, Elizabeth (I1271)
309 Not found in 1871 census. No marriage or burial found 1861-1871. Woodhams, Charlotte (I383)
310 Not found in 1871 or 1881 census Christian, Alfred Charles (I1406)
311 Not found in 1871 or 1881 censuses Woodhams, Richard (I1270)
312 Not found in 1891, 1901 census Balkham, Joseph Henry (I2004)
313 Not found in 1901 or 1911 census, but parents' 1911 census record suggest he is still alive in that year Christian, George Nathaniel (I1394)
314 Not found in any census after 1851 Woodhams, Richard (I1252)
315 Not living with family in 1871 census (RG10; Piece: 810; Folio: 111; Page: 20; ) Bishop, Ellen (I407)
316 Not living with parent in 1851 census. No death in FreeBMD index <1851 Woodhams, Ellen (I382)
317 Not possible to identify from the GRO indedxs the two children who had died by 1911 - a dozen candidates Family F649
318 Not with family in 1901 census Woodhams, William Reuben (I1702)
319 Not with family in 1911 census Christian, Benjamin A (I2266)
320 Note day or months given in entry Family F155
321 Obituary from "Eastbourne Herald":
The ‘intelligent and compassionate’ man who fulfilled his ambition to become rector of Pevensey has died at 67.
Reverend Dr Anthony Christian passed away at his home after a long period of illness. Dr Christian served as rector for the parish of Pevensey for 25 years .
He was born in Berkshire and grew up in South London. Dr Christian had an aunt who lived in Pevensey Bay and had an ambition to become the rector for the area. It took 30 years to achieve the goal.
Owen Visick, churchwarden at Pevensey, knew Dr Christian for the 25 years he served as rector in the parish .
He said, "When he was still in his late teens he felt he had a call to be a priest but he wasn’t immediately accepted by the council."
Rev Dr Christian trained to be a teacher and taught English for a few years.
While training he met his wife Linda, and the couple enjoyed 47 happy years together.
They had two children, Paul and Jonathan, who are now grown-up with children of their own - making Dr Christian and his wife grandparents to one boy and two girls.
Owen Visick said Dr Christian had a ‘passion for learning’ and gained a degree in philosophy in 1972.
He then trained for the ministry and he went to St Augustine’s College in Canterbury between 1974 and 1976. Dr Christian was ordained as deacon in 1976 and priested in Canterbury Cathedral in 1977.
He worked as a priest in Kent before becoming rector in the parish of Great Mongeham with Ripple and Sutton-by-Dover in 1984. Four years later, on February 29, 1988, he was inducted as rector of Pevensey at St Nicolas Church. Ten years later he earned his doctorate in philosophy.
Mr Visick paid tribute to Dr Christian and said, "He enjoyed celebrating the holy sacraments and he was always steadfast in his beliefs. Over the 25 years, he developed and evolved a very traditional style of worship."
He had a loyal congregation from as far and wide as East Grinstead.
Dr Christian also sat on the board of governor at Pevensey and Westham School, was chairman of St John’s Trust and chaplain to the local Royal British Legion.
His personal interests were a love of all arts including literature, music and ballet.
Mr Visick said, "He had a love of learning and knowledge. Others have said he was a philosopher, a generous host, a raconteur and a formidable debater. He was very good at developing personal relationships and was compassionate.
"He will be sadly missed by his parishioners."
The funeral, a requiem mass, was conducted by the Bishop of Chichester, one of the first to pay tribute, as the Herald went to press.
Christian, Anthony Clive Hammond (I2132)
322 Obituary in "The Scotsman" 19 Oct 2010, Christie, Norman (I186)
323 Obituary in local paper (to be confirmed) Christian, Peter Thomas (I121)
324 Occupation - full description in 1911 census: Sixth London Brigade Royal Field Artillery Territorial Association, Battery Storeman Christian, Harry Jesse (I1397)
325 OCCUPATION: Joined Post Office in August 1885 (straight from orphanage) as Messenger; Junior Tracer (April 1889);Tracer (May 1928) in Acountant General's Dept. Retired 24 Apr 1931. Awarded Imperial Service Medal. Christian, Peter Thomas (I121)
326 OCCUPATION: Painter with father; Army 1879-1887; painter again; 21 years as commissionaire at Bachelors' Club, Park Lane (Corps of Commissionaires); bought cycle shop, 57a New King's Rd, Fulham (Kelly's Directory 1909,1911, 1912); after failure of business, door-keeper at Conservative Club in New King's Road; Recruiting Sergeant in First World War.

Marshall, Frederick William (I119)
327 On the ship Royal Dane Oliver, Jessie (I1554)
328 Only plausible looking entry in GRO indexes: George Rufus Christian and Carrada Lily M Whitehead Sep 1902 Dartford 2a 1124.
A Carada (or Caradad) Lily I R M O Whitehead is born Sep 1874 St Giles 1b 556 
[Christian], Lily (I2175)
329 Only possible burial would be Pevensey 22 Jan1680. No other possibility before 1700. Pannet, Mary (I143)
330 original certificate Source (S42)
331 original certificate Source (S46)
332 Original certificate in possession of Gladys Sutherland (daughter). Seen by Peter Christian 1980. Source (S189)
333 Original certificate. GRO reference: Births Mar 1923, Fulham 1a 558 Source (S47)
334 Other likely children:
Mar 1902 KNELLER Henry Arthur Edmonton 3a 465
Dec 1903 Kneller Reginald Godfrey Edmonton 3a 509
Dec 1905 Kneller Irene Constance Edmonton 3a 571 
Family F468
335 Other possible children between 1901 census and introdiuction of maiden names in GRO indexes:
Births Jun 1901: HERSEY Albert William Ware 3a 589
Births Dec 1903: HERSEY Leslie Ernest Ware 3a 659
Births Mar 1905: Hersey Donald Arthur Edmonton 3a 464
Births Sep 1905: Hersey Florence Elsie Ware 3a 706
Births Dec 1907: HERSEY Edgar Frederick G Ware 3a 692
Births Sep 1910: HERSEY Kathleen A Ware 3a 728  
Family F456
336 Other possible children from daeth indexes:
Cornelius Austral (d.1970)
Nelli Maureen (d.1972) 
Clegg, Henry Herman (I792)
337 Other possible children in death index:
Stanley Dennis (d. 1962)
Vincent Stirling Dennis (d. 1968) 
Clegg, Mildred (I798)
338 Other possible children, who must have died befor the 1891/1901 censuses:
Births Jun 1884 Christian Frederick Charles Kensington 1a 131
Births Jun 1886 Christian Ethel May Kensington 1a 111
Births Jun 1895 Christian Edward Kensington 1a 141
Births Dec 1900 Christian Angela Psyche Kensington 1a 153 
Christian, Jesse (I1387)
339 PARENTS: Could also be d. of George & Sarah bapt Westham 1773 in which case she would be the one buried in Westham at the ageof 46 on 10 Jan 1820 Gearing, Mary (I148)
340 Parents: Isaac & Abigail (death index) Harvey, Mary Ann (I1411)
341 Poss bapt. 22 Aug 1746, Farnham, Surrey, son of James Reed (IGI)
James Reed m Mary Warner 1 Oct 1745, Farnham, Surrey (IGI) 
Reed, James (I1293)
342 Poss married Dec/1871 Hastings, 2b 60 (FreeBMD) Christian, Ellen Harriet (I962)
343 Possible 1891 census entry: 105 Sword St, Glasgow, age 34, Bicuit Factory Storekeper
No David Forrester in 1881 census, but David Foster, age 24, born Girvan, visitor at Haether Row, Dailly, Ayrshire
Deceased at marriage of daughter Helen, 1925 
Forrester, David (I323)
344 Possible 2nd marriage to William Vinall, Wartling 10 Feb 1794 (FamilySearch) Christian, Lydia (I475)
345 Possible 3rd child: Mary Wareham, born 1920, Gorbals (644/17 1222) Family F125
346 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F142
347 Possible additional children from FreeBMD:

Births Sep 1901
Christian Francis Frederick Chertsey 2a 41
Births Mar 1906
Christian Edward Bloomfield Chertsey 2a 46
Christian Hilary Rhoda A L Chertsey 2a 47
Births Mar 1908
Christian Beryl Alicia Chertsey 2a 53
Births Sep 1909
CHRISTIAN Evelyn Mary Chertsey 2a 48
Births Mar 1913
Christian Gordon J Cansdale Chertsey 2a 97 
Family F394
348 Possible baptism: 12 Jan 1813 Lambeth, parents William & Sarah Bates Bates, William Henry (I197)
349 Possible baptism: 9 JUL 1748 Goring, Sussex, d of John and Ann Hunt Hunt, Ann (I204)
350 Possible baptism: Eliza W, Sept 8 1833, W. Horsley Woodham, Elizabeth (I1568)

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