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101 BURIAL: Possible burial Bexhill Mar 1732 Christian, Samuel (I66)
102 BURIAL: Possibly buried Bexhill, 1732 Christian, Samuel (I326)
103 BURIAL: This is the only Elizabeth C around in 1674, but if shedied at the age of 10, one would expect her parent names to be given. Still, she must have died by 1707, as she was unmentioned in her brother's will. Christian, Elizabeth (I321)
104 by licence Family F122
105 by licence Family F114
106 by licence (Hannah being a minor) Family F195
107 Called Ella in 1911 census Christian, Edith Mildred (I1236)
108 Called up at 18 (Jan 1917), wounded in foot & invalided back to England. Later sent to Cologne with army of occupation Christian, Peter Godfrey (I123)
109 Can't find a George Balkham, born Seaford, in the 1891 census Balkham, George (I1995)
110 Can't find suitable birth in FreeBMD Teaster, Elizabeth (I1754)
111 Cemetery unknown, photograph from Marttie & Betty King Source (S26)
112 Census 1871: RG10/796/7/12, unm, 44 Ag Lab living in Cheam, Surrey Bryant, Abraham (I443)
113 Census: not found in 1901 or 1911 census Balkham, Charles James (I1996)
114 Census: This would seem to be the Edward Marshall, age 81, in 1901 census
According to the 1881 census he was unmarried.

Dwelling: 13 St Martins St
Census Place: St Martin In Fields, London, Middlesex, England
Source: FHL Film 1341072 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0331 Folio 41 Page 20

1871: RG10/358/51/24, 25St Martin's St, age 50, Helper/Barman, boader with Henry Bradford, licensed victualler 
Marshall, Edward (I466)
115 Certificate (modern issue) in collection of Peter Christian Source (S188)
116 Check bapt date - Fred Winup has 18 Dec Christian, William (I26)
117 Check month of baptism (Fred Winup has August) Christian, Sarah (I48)
118 Children According to Winifred Marshall (niece), had an illegitimate daughter Mabel, who went to America. Winnie's sister Ella remained in touch with Mabel until she died. Bishop, Alice Mary (I405)
119 Children: in the 1911 census they claim to have had 6 children, of whom n one have died. Balkham, Ann (I348)
120 Churchwarden in Pevensey, 1610. Christian, Martin (I142)
121 Conducted in their flat in Glasgow Source (S23)
122 Copy (modern issue) in personal collection of Peter Christian Source (S192)
123 Date estimated from age of oldest child in 1911 census Family F115
124 Death before July 1707 assumed because his uncle John C leaves something in will (July 1707) to all the other children ofThomas C and Elizabeth Wood.

MARR: Possible marriage to Mary Summars, Battle, 1702?? 
Christian, Steven (I328)
125 Death possibly Dec 1863 Hatfield 3a 192 Harshum, Esther (I196)
126 Death probably 1874: GRO Dec 1874, Mary March, age 66, Hatfield 3a 220 Sale, Mary (I1804)
127 Death probably Mar 1849, Ware 6 460 Knight, Abraham (I1814)
128 Death probably Sep 1923 Epsom 2a 44, age 82 Winter, Eliza (I1494)
129 Death record gives name as Annie Aurelia Clegg, Annie Amelia (I800)
130 Death: Certainly alive at wife's death - see gravestone, Hanwell cemy. But Winifred Marshall identified him in Nell Christian's wedding photo (Oct 1921). Possible death Mar 1932, Bournemouth. Kimber, Charles George (I372)
131 Death: perhaps before the 1861 census Balkham, George (I350)
132 Death: Possible death Jun 1925, age 82, Battle 2b 63 Wood, Henry (I2023)
133 Death: probably 1888 (GRO Dec 1888, Paddington 1a 41) Bennett, Louisa (I1335)
134 Death: probably before 1891 - not found in Sussex in 1891 census.

Most likely: Wm Savage, age 57, D. Mar 1886 Hastings 2b 29 (FreeBMD) 
Savage, William (I1489)
135 Death: Probably before the 1901 census as both children are living with their uncle Alfred Burrows at that point (RG13/146/63/28)
The GRO indexes have a Charles Burrows d. Sep 1898, Paddington, age 33 - the only Charles Burrows of the right age dies in London 1891-1901 
Burrows, Charles William (I358)
136 Death: Probably Dec 1846 Battle 7 209 King, Isaac (I9)
137 Death: probably Gordon Vincent Clegg, d. St Leonards 1969, age 90, son of John. Clegg, Gordon Vincent Wellington (I803)
138 Death: Probably Mar 1865 Kensington 1a 36 (freeBMD) Christian, William (I503)
139 Death: probably Mar 1924 Guildford 2a 152, age 77 Woodhams, Frederick (I378)
140 Death: probably Martha M J Searle Dec 1951 Portsmouth 6b 476 King, Martha (I241)
141 Death: probably Ruth Bishop, Mar 1889, Guildford 2a 55, age 42. Bishop, Ruth (I424)
142 Death: probably Sep 1911 Hailsham 2b 123 age 79 Parret, Hannah (I2033)
143 Death: probably William George Ede, Mar 1898 Kingston 2a 267, age 38 Ede, William (I1848)
144 Descendant of Eliza Woodham Source (S108)
145 Did not marry Goodwin, Sydney William (I782)
146 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I279)
147 Died en route to America or South Africa Christian, Harold Cyril (I89)
148 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1010)
149 Died in St George's hospital. Manning, Helen Caroline (I373)
150 dieed very young Christian, Clarence Mclay (I701)

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